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In 2000, Gary Johns abandoned his career as a successful commercial film director to devote himself to his family and his dream of expressing himself artistically without the constructs of commercialism.

This site illustrates the types of art that Mr. Johns makes: a variety of collages, mixed media creations, paintings and photographs. In addition, examples of his career as an art director, a creative director and a commercial film director are included.

Mr. Johns characterizes himself as an observer and recorder of the world in which he lives; his artwork reflects his interest in and the beauty of the decay that surrounds us all.

Gary Johns graphically illustrates things that many people do not see. This is reflected in the photographs that are the centerpieces of his photo-collages. These images are juxtaposed to express an interesting visual narrative. In short, he attempts to bring new life to a decaying world.

Gary Johns resides in the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles half the year. The other six months he spends in Sherman, New York, a short distance from the Chautauqua Institution.